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3 months old always sleepy

my 3 month old daughter always seems to want to sleep, she never really seems interested in anything else, which seemed great at first! but now im starting to worry! the doctor says its nothing but she just constantly wants to sleep. am i just being paranoid?


  • Hi my little girl was exactly the same lol I took her to the docs and she said it's very normal for some's just them growing and everything takes it out of some babies more than others my little girl is 7 months and hardly ever sleeps through the day now so don't worry to much she will be grand image

  • Hello, 

    i have a 4 month old and the last 2 weeks she's been a lot sleepier then usual sleeping 5-6 hours throughout the day and even when shes awake she looks really tired ( red around the eyes) but when awake she's alert and smiling, but she also screams a lot when awake and nothing seems to calm her I'm very worried but didn't want to take to GP yet just wanted some help if this is normal, she might also be teething but not sure could this be down to it 


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