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Dreading going to bed!!!!

Hey all, I have a 9 month old baby and she is my world! Me and husband take it in turns to have her at night as I just don't sleep at all.  My husband seems to get a good night sleep with her but for me she stirs all night waking all the time for her dummy or because she wants me, I feel rough all the time because I always look and feel tired my husband works nights and so its me with her on my own so I don't get any sleep for nearly a week at a time! I dread actually going to bed and it being my nights to have her because I just don't sleep and when I start to drift off she stirs really bad! I broke down about 2 weeks ago saying to my husband I'm not coping well and I'm a terrible mother for feeling this way! I just don't know what I can do to sleep and to not get that dread feeling when it gets time for bed!! I've tried everything! I even went to the docs because I thought I was developing depression but turns out I am just exhausted and the lack of sleep is making me irrational! I walked of mcdonalds the other day because I couldn't for the life of me remember how to say a big mac meal instead it came out erm one of those big burgers that are on the telly the guy looked at me like I was on day release (haha funny now though not so much then haha) so I said it doesn't matter and came home sobbing because I felt like a looney toon! Please oh God someone tell me it gets easier please!


  • You sound really anxious which is normal and maybe your baby can sense that where as men rarely get anxious like us women so maybe she feels his calmness.  It's natural and it's you being a fantastic Mum.  I don't know what to suggest though - Maybe Hubby booking some time off work and having a little get away would help in the short term? 

  • Aw thanks hun for your reply yeah maybe that's what is needed...I mean she's so good during the day hardly crys only when tired or hungry and such a apply's just the nights. She was a prem baby and had trouble sleeping from day on because of her digestive system and stuff...the doc said I'm subconsciously worring about her and so when she does sleep I'm not because I think she's going to wake's so hard isn't it. I know I will get through it and it's just the trials of being a mother I love her so much and want to be the best mum for her as I possibly can the tiredness takes over sometimes and I feel so exhausted that I feel like I'm not being a good mum because of this :( xx

  • Oh you really are being a good Mum.  If you were then you wouldn't be worrying so much.  Not sure if there's ang relaxation techniques which could help

  • Aw thanks you...I will be OK just need to catch up on some sleep 

  • Sorry just noticed my typos, do you have family that would maybe like to have your little one sleep over for a night?

  • Hi I felt exactly the same you're not the only person that's going through this. Sometimes you can feel like that. My boy is 2 now still sleeps with us as it was the only was I was getting to sleep he just wants to be close to me. It gets easier honestly your time will come there not babies forever the night feeds will stop and you will feel human again my boy wakes up about 4 nights out of 7 cries for a few minutes but then after a cuddle goes back to sleep good luck 

  • I am having the exact same problem and my daughter has had allergy and tummy problems for most of her 10 months . I am trying humming to her tonight when she wakes so she feels reassured I am here . Think she has separation anxiety . Hope we get sleep soon 😄💤

  • Aw thanks for the reassurance ladies :) it's comforting to know I'm not the only one lol...things seem to be on the up with her sleeping now if I'm honest seems to wake now if she wants her dummy but goes off very quickly :) I have finally managed to get her out of being swaddled every night goodness that was testing but she has managed to get used to it and sleeps fine now!! Very proud of her I am!! My little is also 10 months :) these summer nights are getting to her a bit with the heat but who isn't:) 

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