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Waking through the night with separation anxiety

My daughter has been unlucky with having been diagnosed with a milk allergy later rather than when she was newborn and has therefore had a low immune system and unwell a lot.  She is very close to me and clingy but has handled my return to work quite well. However, she is waking up every few hours coz she just wants to sit and cuddle me. Self soothing doesn't work as I have already tried this as it worked on my older daughter . I feel so bad for her as I adore her but wish this phase would go away. I would love more than a few hours sleep. Any advice ?


  • Sorry you're struggling Ash, the broken sleep is a so hard. But what you say it absolutely right - it is a phase, and i know the end of the phase is hard to see, but it will end!

    How old is your daughter who's having the sleep probs?

  • My daughter is 10 months old and was sleeping through till 5am before that. She has never been amazing at sleeping but even all night and getting up at 5am was great compared with now.

    Am hoping her phase wears off at 11months which is on the 21st lol 

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