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Getting your baby to sleep: what works for you?

Hi everyone,

We’ve been wondering, what do you do to get your baby to sleep? We know some people swear by a particular toy or singing a song, but we’d love to hear from you how you get your baby off to the land of nod. 

Please do share your thoughts by adding a reply to this thread - hopefully we’ll accumulate some great tips! 



  • We've only just moved our baby into her cot, but we use the glow and soothe Owl gro fisher pricw, she absolutely loves it. When we put her in her cot we have the owl just out of reach, we play it, she starts to suck her thumb and it sends her to sleep within 15 mins. :)

  • When Jenson was first born i always put him down awake and we always made lots of noise which settled him. when we put him upstairs he wouldn't settle without noise so we use "ewan the dream sheep" and that always worked. I always put him down awake. He's now in his cot and goes down awake in his sleeping bag with Ewan next to him a muslin to chew and 3 teddies to chew or fling :) 

  • My baby always breastfed to sleep.

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