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My son is 5 months and still doesn't sleep through the night, and also cry's for no reason. He's always fed, well burped, and changed. He's just always fussy, I play with him give him his toys and nothing seems to work.


  • Does he have collic sorryfor mmisspell x

  • When I took him to his check up the lady said he was to old for colic. But I find that hard to believe, it's constantly that he's crying. 

  • Aww poor Bubba. When my son was younger if he ever got like your baby then I would have some baby oil and massage all around his tummy nice and slowly and gently on his back just to help stimulate any trapped wind inside his chest or stomach. It helped him alot and he managed to relax. It sounds like a bit of colic to me. But I always believe that a mother always knows and senses what it usually is x 

  • Also I started to think what If he clothing he had on when he was a baby was ever annoying or uncomfortable like the buttons or the labels on the insides... my son is now 3 and without me making a constant fuss about his labels on his clothes at all he now tells me he "can't like this sticker, it hurts" he means the labels inside his t shirts bottoms pants or vests  x  

  • Well thank you for the info.

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