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Exhausted mummy to 8 month old

Hello everyone,
A bit of a long one!

Just wanted to see if there was any advice anyone could give me.
I'm exhausted. LO is waking 2/3 times in the night,screaming where as he would only wake for a feed once during the night,this started about two weeks ago. He's also started waking up at 5-5.30 am.
We were co-sleeping but I needed my bed space back as I wasn't able to sleep properly with LO in bed and it was his dad that wanted to sleep next to LO as he works away all week. 
Anyway he's working away for a fortnight a time now so I made the transition of putting LO in his cot with the side off and pushed up to the bed. This week I have put the side on and started to sleep train him properly using PU/PD method.
We live with MIL,FIL&BIL,FIL gets up at 4am every morning and I'm sure this is contributing to him waking up at 4am for a bottle although I have read about sleep regression and wonder weeks. 
I'll admit I am really struggling with lack of sleep now,I'm getting snappy,I don't have the energy to even play with LO,and we've been stuck in the house since this started happening which is leaving me feeling even worse..
Anyone got any suggestions,advice or just encouragement lol..
Thank you x


  • Hi firstly I want to let you know that you're doing a great job and hang in there.. my 8 month old also starred fussing at night and there are somethings that I did to help that .. i travelled cross continents to now be in a. different house so that was a lot of change for my little one . Whenever my little one fussed I always go through my check list and that is 

    Is he too cold or too hot

    Is he getting enough to eat during the day and how much milk / water is he drinking 

    Does he have an ear infection or teething 

    Is his bed cold or warm ..

    Are his clothes comfortable

    When does his last nap take place and hi last feeding

    Try to play around with feeding times and nap times.. 

    See how much activity he is getting .. a long active awake time filled with lots of playing can help tire him out

    Lastly if your child has co slept he may seek the warmth of having someone beside him . You can maybe introduce a toy at bed time that he can cuddle with place it in his arms once he is asleep . Most importantly stay calm this is a phase and won't last forever always know you're in control and little change can help the situation. 

  • Thank you for your reply,I think I've been needing to hear that all day,it doesn't feel like you're doing such a good job when you're in the thick of it does it 😌. Travelling to another continent to live must have been a big change,I couldn't begin to imagine what kind of toll it took on you and your LO.

    I've written down your check list because there are a few that I hadnt thought of like his last nap,today it was at 1pm until 2 pm,he was so tired from last night and waking up before 5 am that both his naps have been earlier today-he usually has his last one 3pm until 4pm. He went to sleep after 15 min of PU/PD and he's sleeping like a dream. I might try and see if I can get him to nap a little earlier, I'm just worried about him being overtired x

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