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Is it a leap or has everything gone to pot??!

Hi there,
I'm desperate for some help and some advice. My 7 month old has always been a great sleeper at night...From about 8 weeks he was pulling 7pm -5am tiny feed and then back to sleep until 7am.

At 5.5 months that all changed and he was waking in the night for feeding...At first I assumed it was being on holiday that unsettled him but he quite obviously had a development spurt while we were away, anyway, the night waking continued when we returned. He had a big growth spurt (grew out of all his 3-6month clothes seemingly over night) so we assumed it was a combination of things.

However, here we are at 7 months and 5 days and frankly, he's getting worse as his naps have now gone down the drain too.

He's waking at 5-5.30am every day, so we put his bedtime back from 7pm to 6pm. However he wakes anywhere between 30mins to an hour after being put to bed...and then will usually wake again before midnight. Then he'll sleep til 4 or 5am. If it's 4am he can usually be out back to sleep (via the boob), if he wakes at 5am then he's awake for the long haul, despite having boob and being exhausted.

I'm now at a total loss as he's started to get really bad at being put soon as his head touches the cot he wakes screaming and it can take 3 or 4 tries to get him back down which can take up to 45mins, so I've started just bringing him downstairs in an effort to try again an hour or so later when he's super tired. 

Pre the 5.5 months armageddon, he could self sooth...he woke frequently in the night and got himself off to sleep again and I could put him down awake and he'd drop off by himself. What happened??? I'm at a total loss,I feel like I'm making things worse but I just don't know what to do. 2 months of broken sleep and if I thought that was bad - his daytime naps are now suffering too, today he's had x3 30 min naps which is an improvement on yesterday was just one 30min nap. Hes exhausted and so grumpy and I'm at my wits end...Any ideas????

Ps. We've tried teething salts, nurofen and calpol and it doesn't seem to be his teeth bothering him despite how much he dribbles and rubs his gums.

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