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My 6 Week old will only sleep when being held

My son is nearly 6 weeks old and crys nearly everytime i put him down. If he falls asleep in my arms and i but him down he starts crying. He is sometimes ok for about 5-10 mins but thats it. 

At night time he will only sleep on me, i keep trying him in his moses basket and a few nights he has done and hour or so but not very often. 

I am struggling to get anything done unless i leave him crying for a short while or my husband or brother have him. But they both work so are not always around. 

Any advise.


  • seems that your little nipper is really attached too you! aww but i understand what you are saying looks like the angle is used to being held and thats turned him into a mardy! dont worry you can get him out of this but  i have no idea! good luck too u hun hope someone helps you and you get this sorted x

  • My son was very similar. We ended up co-sleeping as that was only way we could all get any sleep (after the 1st week of us taking it in shifts to hold him when he slept!). During the day I used my sling (I have a Connecta) so that he could sleep on me & I could get everything done that needed to be done. Some babies just need that connection. Good luck

  • Did you get this resolved? My baby girl was the same as a newborn. I hated co-sleeping as it scared me so much so I bought a sleepyhead pod and kept it next to me in bed. I put her down asleep into it but kept kind of hugging her and move away slowly. She got used to it and after a while I could put her in it for naps too. I took it everywhere with me. Then when it came to moving her to her nursery I just put it in her cot and the transition was brilliant. Then took it away. She sleeps really well now. 

    A floor activity jungle was also really useful for me. She hated being put down. 

    Now she never wants to cuddle me and I miss it a bit 😂

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