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My child will not sleep!

My child will wake up so many times through the night and will only cooperate for my partner. If I try to settle him he will not let me leave the room and screams. He will go back down for my partner so he stays up through the night and I do the mornings which helps a bit but the little one will still wake up anytime from 4 which Is around when I would have to take over because by then my partner is exhausted. Although him staying up through the night is great I am still shattered too because as I said my son won't let me leave if I go in which means if he wakes any time from 4am he won't let me go I have to stay and cuddle him but because I'm there he won't sleep which means my day starts anytime from there. Has anyone had this or does anyone have any advice? I'll try anything. Thanks x


  • We have the same problem. My son was awake at 1am( even when he went to bed 3 hours ago), sometimes was 3am. That was for about 1,5 year abd then when he riched 3 years everything changed and now he is goes to bed at 10pm and waking up at around 10 am, so its a good think. It's hard but you have to wait.

  • I'm having this problem too my baby iseats 7 weeks  and she seems to sleep during the day fine but on a night she is wide awake. I have tried a bath before bed but i believe this just wakes her up more!! She tends to have a bottle at 1 in the morning and It is 3.30am or 4.00 by the time she actually doses off there is just no settling her. I've tried everything from nightlights to lullabys, white noise, buying a cosleeper bed so she is close to me. Nothing works at all. Any tips anyone? 

  • Sazzle, your baby prob doesn't know the difference between day and night yet - it takes a few months for them to learn/realise day time and night time, but that should happen within the next 4 weeks or so, so don't worry. 

    When you bath her, try a little oily massage afterwards in low light, make sure it's a nice warm room. Also are you swaddling her? that might help a bit and also, keep low light during night time and try and stick to a routine... 

    Good luck hon x

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