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Nearly 4 months and wont sleep

My baby is almost 4 months he started off great had sleeping and feeding routine and at 3  months his bottles weren't filling him up so gave him baby rice worked a treat ... back to smiley happy sleeping playing :-)

For the past 2 weeks he just does not sleep he just sits smiling at us or wants to play he naps in the morning and In the afternoon for approx 30 mins. He stays awake till midnight and the  when finally asleep wakes up every 2-3 hours either for a bottle or a pay on the bum ... is this normal I though babies were ment to sleep more. How does he have the energy were so tired.

Wv tried EVERYTHING such as putting him in cot same time at night 

Bath and message then Jamas bottle bed.

risk in bottle

Music singing

heartbeat mobile 

Rocking him to sleep

Pushing in pram 

Even a ride in the car doesn't get him to sleep 

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