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My 7 month old crys alot before bedtime

Its been about two months now and my 7 month old crys hysterically before bedtime. He crys with tears and hes sweaty and nothing soothes him. I give tylenol every now and then cause thats the only way he sleeps. He can do it for about 30 min. Just none stop crying. He hold on to me so tight as if hes scared. 😯😢😢😢😞😞 then he pushes me away. Idk what to do! Help me!! 


  • Sorry to hear this. 2 month must be difficult for you. Has he had any tooth come through yet. He may be teething

    Is this related to food for example few minutes after dinner etc and does he cry when asleep.

    Is his cot in a different room from yours? Is he having all his day time nap not overtired due to long stretch between last nap and bedtime 

    I am sorry about all the question just need a bit more info to go by. 

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