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Baby waking screaming and arching back.


I hope someone can help as I really don't know what to do.

My baby is 9 months old and has slept through 8-6 from 5 months. A week ago he came down with a stomach bug and since getting better he now wakes once to twice a night screaming. 

The screaming comes out of nowhere, no build up, and nothing will consol him. Last night he wouldn't drink milk, no teething medicines worked. I hold him and he arches his back and wriggles while screaming. 

I eventually got him to sleep by bringing him in my bed but the moment I took him out he woke up :(

Any idea whats happened?


  • Hi Snookie12cat, 

    I'm a first time mum so not got much experience, but when my little girl tends to stiffen up I assume it's trapped wind, she's exactly the same when I put her to sleep on me but the minute she is laid flat on her back she's screams at me.

    Maybe try laying him over your knee & rubbing & patting his back, this might relieve some pressure is his tummy. When my little girl struggles to get her wind up, I pop her flat for a couple of minutes & then pick her back up & she usually gives me a burp unaided.

    I'm not sure wether it will work, but maybe worth a try. Hope this helps! Good luck! 

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