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8 mth old not sleeping through night

Hi I;m wondering if anyone has any advice on getting my baby to sleep through the night.He has his last bottle around 6.30,which he was having when we got him and we still can;t seem to adjust this.

any advice would be much appreciated.


  • What's his day time routine like - food and sleep? And is he waking often, if so how many times? 

  • Hmm, you could try a relaxing bath before the last bottle. You could try postponing the bottle by 30mins. You could try upping the amount by 10ml. You could try playing white noise for baby.

    There is no certain fix as each baby is different but they certainly sleep better relaxed with a full tummy  (you could even try offering a snack alongside the bottle such as rusk or babyrice)

  • I see that you have recently become his guardian.

    Please be aware that it is normal for babies to wake up during the night. They wake for many reasons, hunger, thirst, or simply needing reassurance.  As your baby has been removed from his mother, then I would expect him to wake in the night even more so than another baby of that age. He will have been through so much disruption already.

    Unfortunately (for you), you need to go with it, don't see this baby as an 8 month old, view him as a newborn, with a biological need to wake in the night. Keep loving him through the night, let him know you are there for him, stay with him, cuddle him to sleep, feed him to sleep, when he adjusts to his new environment and realises there is stability with you and forms an attachment to you, trusts you, you will most likely find his sleep settles and he wakes less.

    If part of the issue is the bed time bottle being so early and him sleeping from 6.30pm you could try feeding less milk at that time so that he wakes sooner (eg if he were to take 8oz of milk at 6pm he could easily sleep 8hrs and wake at 2am, in theory if he only gets 4oz at 6.30 he is more likely to sleep until 10/11pm and then if he has more milk at that time he could then sleep through to 7am.)

    Again though, you have to appreciate how disruptive his early life has been and accept that it may take time for him to be capable of sleeping through the night.

    All the best x

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