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13 week old baby - wide awake at 4am!!

Hello! Was hoping for a little advice for our boys feeding and sleeping routine!

I'd previously taken some advice from Gina Ford's Contented Baby book,but wasn't really going to plan and adapted things a little to suit him. 

Roughly the day goes like this...

Wake 7 (this last week closer to 7.30 as he lasts longer between his next nap and will sleep until then without being woken earlier) - followed by a feed 10/15 mins later but only takes around 3oz

Naps between 8.45-9.15 for around 45mins/ 1hour (sometimes tries to.push this to 1.5hours

Feed around 10- takes a slightly better 5/6oz Feed roughly

Naps between 11.30-12 for 1-1.5hours

Feed around 1pm, maybe a 5 oz

Naps sometime.between 3.30 and 4.30 for 30/40 mins but the afternoon naps always vary!! Feeds around this time too.

Bath at 6pm, last bottle, maybe 7oz at half 6 and to bed around 7pm (sometimes he struggles to make it until 7!)

Dream feed at 10, just recently started taking more at this time, 4/5oz.

However, he wakes anytime between 3.30-5am, wide awake! Not necessarily hungry, only takes an ounce but just wants a chat and a kick about ha! I've tried settling him.with his dummy but.doesn't last long. Some nights he will settle back down after an ounce and nappy change, and other nights is restless until 6am then sleeps until he's woken again.

This is mostly a rough guide as each varies with feeds and naps, not much consistency!!

He is over 14lb now, so a good size too.

Any advice would be much appreciated!! Apologies for the long post!! 

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