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Getting 10 month old back into a good bedtime routine.

hi everyone

 I'm new to all of this so bare with me!

my 10 month old little girl has been having some sleep issues since the age of 4 months. After we battled the colic situation starting from 2 month until around 4, she fell straight into a bath bottle in bed and asleep by 7 routine. Around a month later my neighbour decides to start hosting wild parties at 10/11pm every night, shouting at the top of her lungs and even doing diy with drills! This commotion then disrupts my daughters routine completely resulting in her screaming after around half hour after me getting her to sleep. The noise sometimes prevented me even managing getting her to sleep most nights. Tried to move her onto our room  but the noise still disturbed her. So since around 5/6 months I have been trying to get her to sleep as early as possible and weve had to have her sleep on our corner sofa snuggled up in her blankets until we go to bed then take her up with us. It's the only way we've managed to get her to get some sleep and not be awake until 12pm screaming because of the banging through the walls. We've managed to get a new place but she is nearly 11 months and  I'm scared I won't be able to get her into a routine again. My old neighbour wasmaking all this noise deliberately and used to laugh about it when we came to logger heads about my daughter being disturbed being only 3 months at the time. I would really appreciate some advise from other mums out there ! 


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