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Baby won't sleep during the day!

My baby is 12 weeks and I am finding it extremely difficult to get him to sleep during the day. I am not sure how much sleep babies this age should have during the day but I am lucky if he sleeps 1 hour. He sleeps ok during the night waking every 3-4 hours, which sounds ok but he is just so overtired and inconsolable towards the evening I feel awful. The only way I can get him to nap during the day is if I hold him, but I am worried that he is going to become too reliant on me to sleep. Despite my concerns of "spoiling him" some days I just let him nap on me just so he can get some sleep. I have tried making his room pitch black and quiet, a white noise app - the only thing I haven't tried is letting him cry as just feel bad as he is so young. He is definitely getting reliant on me as he is starting to winge everytime he is put down, wanting to be always held - help! 


  • Hi Noahsmum23, congratulations on your son! We thought you might find this thread helpful - it's for mums who had their babies in September 2016 - they might be able to answer your questions about nap times and hungry baby milk. Good luck! 

  • I am sure that most of us feel the same at times. Baby will be going through a growth spurt around now which can affect feeding & sleep. 

    Ultimately baby is after comfort to sleep, how they get it can vary. Some will be content sucking on a dummy, blanket or soft toy, some will enjoy being swaddled & some will enjoy listening to background noise  (white noise, music box, radio or TV...). If your baby is one that enjoys being held then try swaddling. If they don't take to swaddling then a wrap or baby sling can keep baby close to you while also freeing up your arms. 

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