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Sleeping through equals the worst day EVER

I sound mad from the title but I assure you I'm not.....well not really!!

My lb is 7 months old and last night slept through for the 4th time in his life (hooray!! I love that he slept through) but again for the 4th time he has been the grumpiest, most tired and unhappy lb ever and I hate it. 

Why when he has had such a wonderful, restful nights sleep is he grumpy, tired all day and unhappy? 

What is going on here? I really need to know he's not the only 1 out there made like this.....I'm praying he wakes up for at least 1 feed tonight as he usually would so I can have my lb back tomorrow that has the best smile, the most infectious giggle and has a good and settled routine. 

Anyone, can you please advise why my son might be so unhappy after a full nights sleep? Thank you x

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