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help I have a 6 month old son when he was smaller he would sleep through the night more he is formula fed we have now gone backwards as he is up nearly every hour, I don't think it helps he has had a cold and also I think he is teething but we have also noticed he may have a little separation anxiety  - we also have the issue that he will not settle on my husband and my husband hates this and says that it is not normal how my son relies on me so much and that my son needs to start spending time with other people.  This is my plan but just not yet as I want to enjoy my mat leave with him a bit longer.  He makes me feel like i am such a bad mum and doing a rubbish job   I know there is no magic trick that will fix this it is an over time thing but I just want to know how did other people get round this and is it normal?? Am I doing it right As at the moment I am feeling like I have let my son down following my husband opinion :(

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