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How to stop the during the night bottle

My son is nearly 8 months and still wakes up every night for a bottle during the night. Does anyone have any tips how I can help to get him out this routine!! 


  • A friend of mine once said to me 'if you woke up in the night and asked for a cup of tea and someone went and made it for you, you'd have it right?' well, she said the same applies to the bottle - as long as your baby is having enough milk and food (assuming weaning is well underway) during the day, and not having a growth spurt, you can drop that night time bottle.

    I would suggest when he wakes, offering water (he may look at you like you're giving him poison, and it prob won't work after just one night, but a few nights of offering - but hang in there!).

    Alternatively, if he has a dummy, pop that in?

    It's about breaking the habit of waking for the feed, so if he wakes at the same time every night, you could try making him stir, say half an hour before he usually wakes, and hope he drops back into a deeper sleep, missing that feed. 

    Hope this all makes sense and sorry for blathering! 

  • My sister used to wake up for a feed at 8months old the health visitor told her to give her juice/water instead of milk and she soon stopped waking up for a night feed x

  • Reduce the amount of scoops to water so 5 ounces water 4 scoops for a couple of days then 5 ounces of water to 3 scoops then not a massive shock. after 3 scoops I then went to just water and after about a week she stopped wanting food. She still wakes though but I'm not sure what for! 

  • Thanks guys he's been ill this week so haven't tried it yet but tonight is the night I try as he's feeling better now xx

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