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Baby has stopped sleeping through

Hi everyone! I have never posted on here before but always come here to read for advice! I am a first time mum so looking for some help! 

My daughter is 12 weeks old (bottle fed) and has been sleeping through since 8 weeks! For the last few nights she has been waking up around 3/4am for a feed which she hasn't done for 4 weeks! She isn't finishing her feeds like she used to and she fussing and turning her head when she is feeding. I've been advised to change her teat size from 1 to 2 which I am going to try, but has anyone else experienced this? Their baby not feeding as much and waking up in the night again?

Any advice would be much appreciated! X


  • Wow that is some amazing sleeping - you're so lucky! 
    Sounds a bit like your baby might not be hungry in the night, but maybe just needs soothing (a dummy?). Or she could be hitting a milestone which can deffo mess with their sleep. I think changing teat size is a good call, but maybe try spacing her feeds out a little longer too? Try one thing at a time though to see if you can suss out what is happening. 

  • Thank you very much! Will defo try this! x

  • She could also be at the stage of weaning maybe talk to your health visitor and see about weaning 

  • Ok thank you very much I will ask her x

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