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Desperate! 7 week old won't nap


I write this while in floods of tears. 

My baby have never been a good napper but feel like it's getting worse and I'm goin so frustrated.

I can't get my baby to stay asleep. She has been awake since 6:45 and its now 8:45 she eventually went to sleep at 8:14 only to wake wide eyed at 8:20 then went back to sleep at 8:32 but only lasted under 5mins. 

I have tried everything. I know the advice is to put baby down drowsy but awake when i do this baby goes from drowsy/sleepy to wide awake and either started "chatting" or crying. I will stick with tryin to get baby back over but I can be there up to 40mins and she is still awake. 

Even if I let her sleep on me she will only stay asleep for around 20mins at a time. 

Baby is overtired and miserable and so am I. 

I have baby in my arms all day and don't get to eat or drink. 



  • This sounds just like my situation in my house!

    i currently have a 6 week 5 days old baby boy who is exaclty the same,

    he was 3 weeks and 4 days early and was on aptimel from birth then we thought he had cows milk allergy so he was put on to a special formula from the doctors then last week we have now found out that the doctor Had made a mistake and he has reflux and colic so is now on cow and gate and ever since we have changed his food he has not settled through the day one bit.

    there is nothing worse as  partner has gone to work so i dont get any sleep, cant clean eat or wvan go to the toilet because he won't let me put him down and it's getting me really down and depressed then when my partner comes home I'm to tired to do anything 

  • Turns out my lo has reflux too was diagnosed last week.. We got infant gaviscon but it's making baby badly constipated. I did some research and have switched milk from cow and gate to HiPP organic and altho its early days I feel there is a difference. Also trying dr browns bottles. 

    Lots of mums seem to rave about hipp for babies with reflux and colic. Might be worth looking at it 

  • Hi

    Just curious to know if you found anything that helps your little one nap?

    I have a very alert 11 week old who fights napping. He used to nap on me by this has stopped, then I could get him to nap in his bouncer but this has also stopped. The only way I can get him to nap is put him in pram and cover hood with muslin cloth to block out stimulation and he might nap for 30 mins at most. 

    I watch for his sleep cues and can detect in time but nothing works. At night time, I can get him to bed sleeping 4 hour stretches until 12am and generally he wakes every 2-3 hours after.

  • I forgot to say when he's in pram I go for a walk.

  • Unfortunately I didnt. She naps on me now usually get approx 30mins and I gave to rock/swing her in my arms back to sleep. Hit/miss if it works. 

    Im starting to fix a nap time routine so I do the same thing before settling her to sleep and slowly starting to learn it. 

    She's almost 12weeks now. 

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