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11 week old wants playtime at 2am


My LO is EBF. Until recently he was sleeping 3-4 hour stretches but in the last 2- 3 weeks he's started waking up every 2 hours from 12am and won't go back to bed by himself from 3/4am.

Initially, I put this 2 hourly waking down to vaccinations and maybe growth spurt so I fed him. But in the last week I realised he's not hungry so I stopped feeding him every 2 hours and he gets a feed every 3.5-4 hours as usual.

But now not only has it gone from waking every 2 hours but in the last 3-4 nights he's waking up at 2am wanting to play and takes at least 1-2hours to settle back to sleep.

I do hold him & stroke his back to sleep. My husband & I had started getting him to self settle using shush pat but then he had his vaccinations and it went out the window. At present, I'm reluctant to start sleep training as my husband is not here for LO bedtime. Reason being that I'm really exhausted and just want to get him to sleep. It's not possible for my husband to help at night in the week as he works 2 hours away by car so needs his sleep.

Can anyone offer advice on why LO now waking at 2am wanting to play? Is it a phase or sleep association? Also, any advice on increasing sleep lenght from 2 hourly waking?

If it's necessary I will sleep train on my own but other suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you

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