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Baby refuses to sleep

Hi all. 

i have a 4 month old baby girl that will not sleep and is constantly crying. i am looking for some dose-all in liquid form so i can add it to her bottles but tablet form will do either as i will just grind it down in to powder. 

thanks. K


  • Are you asking whether someone can recommend medication to put your child to sleep? 4 months old rarely sleep through the night so it's normal that you will still have to be up several times through the night for feeds etc. if she appears to be in pain when lying down to sleep then she may have a medical issue like reflux or something. I think rather than try and find medication to make her sleep you should try and establish what the issue is first. Talk to your babys doctor to rule out any medical issues then consider things like bedtime routine, formula choice (if you are bottle feeding), white noise, soothing techniques, where she is sleeping, magic sleep suit etc

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