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My baby won’t sleep

did any 1 ever have a problem with a 2 week old baby that wouldn’t sleep at night but would sleep perfect before bed time what did you’s do ?


  • Hi becca, 

    young babies unfortunately don't have any understanding of day and night... it takes several months for their bodies to start to figure that out. Until this time your baby will continue to wake during the night as they do during the day. Bear in mind too how small their tummies are when they are infants... their tummies are so small that they need to be fed frequently and so will wake up and cry to be fed every 2-4 hours regardless of whether it is day or night. 

    The first few months can be very tiring but you will get through it! Just try & remember that this is all normal and it will get better. By about 4-6 months your baby should be able to do maybe a 6 or so hour stretch at night without needing a feed. 

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