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5 months old and lack of sleep!!


I'm a desperately tired mum looking for advice or encouragement from others 😴

My baby boy is 5 1/2 months. We hit a sleep regression around 6 weeks ago and I thought it was the fourth leap. He then got a cold and we just never slept... then got better and was still waking every 45 mins all night long..! We are now in leap 5 territory so it seems we didn't get a break between the two! He goes down for naps fine without much or any help from me, bedtime is roughly 6:30 and again doesn't usually need much help getting to sleep. He then stirs once or twice between 7:30 and 10. We have to resettle with dummy and he goes back off straight away. Then it can start from 1:30ish every hour really - just needs resettling; dummy, pats on the bottom, stroke his face, some form of comfort. This can often just go all night so a few times a week we bring him into our bed by 5 just to get some sleep. I should mention here we do often feed thinking he's hungry but he doesn't really want it! If he's lasted til half 5 I'll then try and he might take half the bottle.

I have started him with solids now to see if that's something extra he needed, but doesn't appear to have made a difference.

During the day he can't link his sleep cycles so often he only has 45 min naps. If we are at home and not out I can go in with him during the lunchtime nap and cuddle him in for that sleep cycle transition and he can then go for 2 hours with that help.

Any advice would be appreciated! I realise babies don't always sleep through the night but this does seem excessive 😄😴

Thank you x

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