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9.5months and hates cot and won't sleep in her own room


I am after some advice please.

my baby is 9 and a half months and Can start off in her own room but by morning she’s in with me and my husband. 

Shes been sleeping in bed with me for a while now and sleeps from 7pm or 8pm to about 6or7am where she then wakes for a bottle. So she Sleeps through the whole night no problem. 

We put her in her cot most nights to start with and she often then wakes an hour later crying, I can sooth her by putting dummy back  or putting on some music but Again she will wake half hour later. I can get her back down again but as soon as I leave that room she wakes almost straight away and that’s it in it’s impossible to sooth her And I find myself taking her out and putting her in bed with me as I know she goes whole night without waking. 

Ive set up A bed in her room and tried to sooth her by just resting my hand on her and shhh her but that didn’t work, she won’t srtttle unless I physically hold her.

i think the next step is cc but it breaks my heart to hear her so sad does anyone have any other tips I could try first? x


  • as i was reading your post, all i could think was CC. It's horrible, but it's worked for me with both my kids. And of course your baby will be loving getting to sleep with you every night, nothing beats being in mum and dads bed, but for parents, it can be a bit of a nightmare (well, for me anyhow! I only have a small bed!) 

    I did CC with my second daughter at 8months old as she literally would not settle herself to sleep at all. I put her to bed, said sleepy time, and then left her cry, checking on her every 2, 4,8,16, 32 mins the third night, we had cracked it. 

    It's tough, but for me it worked - and i know its not for everyone...

  • Thank you Mrsg14 sounds like it may have to be cc

    can I just check with cc, shall I go in and reassure her with words and a gentle touch and not pick her up . 


  • The way we did it was going in after 2mins, then 4 mins, then 8mins - double it each time.

    I sat outside the bedroom with the door closed - torture, but still... 
    Every time i went back in to settle her, i said 'night night, sleeptime' just those same words and nothing else. No cuddles, deffo no picking up, just a reassurance, a stroke and leave. Keep it minimal. If you try it toight, come back and let me know how you get on - start tonight, and hopefully by monday you'll have cracked it. It is hard but i'm with you in spirit! 

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