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Comfort sucking and sleep

Hi I just wondered if anyone else is struggling with comfort sucking during the evening and night? My little 7 month monkey wakes about every 15 minutes to comfort feed throughout the night and I am worn out as I have 5 other children. Any advice would be great xx


  • Yes, don't know what to say to help but I know exactly what you mean and you are not on your own. I tried contacting my HV today as I feel like I'm going mad and there was nobody to take my call. 

    I've looked on forums and advice websites all is says is let your baby self soothe. Wow thanks for the advice there. His dad just says it's because he just loves you so much, once again not a comfort. 

    Sorry for the negative response I wish I had some wisdom to share. 

    Good luck for tonight 

  • Thank you - I hope things improve for you too xxx 

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