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Help setting a routine?

Hi my baby boy is 9 weeks old tomorrow and I’ve been doing the bath, bottle & bed routine with him for the past two weeks or so and with that bottle being around 9.30/10.30 depending, hes been sleeping through mostly till around 5/6 which is great but me nor him are getting a block of sleep as he makes a lot of grunting noises & wakes constantly for the dummy. We still have his Moses basket downstairs of a day too but he doesn’t seem to sleep very long in it at all and majority of the time is cuddled to sleep with the dummy, but I want to change all this but unsure where to begin as a first time mummy! Should he take his naps upstairs? Should I do the bedtime routine much earlier? try to get him to self soothe, remove the dummy? I just don’t know where to start. Thank you in advance for any advice

Hayley xx

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