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Nap help please 12 months

ello my baby girl is one tomorrow. Naps have not been right for about 1.5 months now. She will take a really good morning nap which used to start around 9.30 but then just will not sleep for the rest of the day. A few people said about trying to just do one nap but later in the day. Had a few one nap days with mixed success then she had nasty virus so went back to 2. This week we have tried to be consistent with the one nap. Problem is she is so tired in the mornings. Kept her up till 11ish Monday-Friday. But mostly has only slept just over an hour, max an hour and a half and so needing to go to bed at 6. She was obviously getting overtired waking very early at 5ish and very restless nights. Last two days I’ve tried just 30 min nap in the morning but she’s still not very tired in the afternoon until 3.5-4 hours and then will only sleep again just over an hour? So either way she is not getting enough sleep. Not sure what to do? Any advice appreciated.

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