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Getting through the 4 month sleep regression

I'm pretty sure my LB (15 weeks today) is going through the 4 month regression, I hope he is it can't get worse I won't survive. 

We were having between 5-7 hours first stretch at night and it was bliss I knew it wouldn't last but a week ago it suddenly changed to 2 hour waking at best. If I get there quickly when he's stirring and hold his hand he can make back to deep sleep but doesn't happen very often. And usually he wakes up properly. I'm trying not to feed him to sleep at night as he doesn't do it in the day but if he doesn't get boob he will often stay awake until he does get it. 

I know this is a phase and it will pass blah blah, but HOW do you survive this? Or even stretch another 30 minutes sleep?  White noise seems to have no effect, his mobile I think excites him, he often spits his dummy out when I try to put it in again. I feel like I'm losing my mind. 

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