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Help stopping swaddling

my boy is now 6 month and just started rolling up until now we have always swaddled  as he has just started rolling tried him for bed in just a sleep bag arms out, he Just continually kept waking himself up grabbing his face/rubbing his eyes ect and would wake crying

any advice on how to make this any easier?! Tried mittens but doesn’t seem to make a difference 


  • We transitioned out of the swaddle to a ‘baby Merlin’s magic sleepsuit’... it worked a treat & was a great in between step from swaddling to sleeping just in a sleep sack... it’s like a big puffy onesie that settles & relaxes baby & also is designed in such a way that when they have the startle reflex with their arms, they can’t hit / scratch their face which wakes them up

  • We did about 2 or so months of this then moved onto a regular sleep sack

  • Is this still suitable for when baby can roll? I think he needs he’s  hands occupied when he sleeps, I don’t swaddle when he naps but he’s always got hold of something either a blanket or my hand, but don’t want to put him to bed with a blanket to hold which means he just seems to attack  face with his hands waking himself 

  • Not sure... take a look at the website faq and it’ll probably tell you.

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