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No idea where to start

Hi there,

I’m currently writing this whilst my partner is driving around with my 12m LG In the car 9pm!

I EBF her as she never took a bottle or dummy. Shes eating but prefers the boobs.

Her boob obsession is getting out of control she will only feed to sleep and during the day will only nap on me. She is the lightest sleeper and will wake for any sound. We tried to get her in her cot at 7m and that was the work 3 weeks of my life. She pretty much cried for hours on end. Woke up every time I tried to put her down. I the. Tried the whole patting to sleep and agin she screamed for hours.

we have since co-slept with her. But at night she has to fall asleep on me on the sofa and then I carefully carry her up to bed when we go to bed. She wakes at this point and I start the whole feed to sleep again.

As you can imagine me and my partner are really feeling the strain as we have no alone time. I have never had a night off and I’m just so exhausted, emotionally drained and at a loss as to where on Earth we start in trying to get her to self settle, sleep in her own room and sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. Please help as I feel completely defeated and embarressed that I’m in this situation.

Thank you in advance 

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