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Advice re naps and sleep training at 12 weeks

Hi, hoping for some help please.

I’m trying to get into a routine with naps while trying a little sleep training, with my 12 week old.

She’s showing signs of tiredness and more often than not wanting to nap around 8am for 30mins, 10am for 1 hour, 12.30pm for 30mins and 2.30pm for 1hr30 (which is what I’m trying to keep to and instil) 

For the longer naps I’m trying to put her in her cot, which I’ve been trying once she’s drowsy or slightly dropped off in my arms, but she’s waking up!! I’m trying a little sleep training at this point, but she’s not able to drop off in her cot, just needs my arms! I’d like to get her to settle in her cot, but just isn’t working! Room is dark, white noise used, dummy etc.

Sleeps well at night and her bedtime routine is working in terms of gearing her up for a good 6 hours then 2 feeds in the night. Also sleeps good lengths of naps in the car.

Any advice re getting her used to naps in her cot? Sleep training advice? Or is it too early to sleep train? 

Thanks in advance. 



  • What does she sleep at night? That doesn’t sound like a lot of daytime sleep to me for 12 week old, baby could be overtired and therefore waking up easier maybe? 

    Just a though you know your baby best.

    and if it’s any consolidarion my baby loves the Moses at night and goes off like a dream however in the day suddenly hates it and much prefers the couch 🤔. 

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