15wk Old - only naps in my arms

Hi All,

First time posting on here 👍🏻

My little one is 15weeks old and is a really good sleeper - she’s brilliant At night time and sleeps well in her Crib. 

I’m having difficulty with daytime napping. She wil sleep 3-4 times throughout the day totalling 3-4hours sleep, my issue is that she sleeps on me only. Every single time I put her down in her cot/crib she wakes up. 

I’ve been really trying nap training for the past few days, trying the pick up put down method in her cot, with her comforter etc, but it’s getting harder - the first day it worked perfectly! (Beginners luck I guess!) she will eventually go down for 20minutes at a time but wakes up after 20 mins at the longest. She’s doesn’t always cry, sometimes she’ll just lie there for 10mins before she cries. 

We are now are the point that it’s taking 2+ hours of up and down for a 20minute nap and the poor little lady isn’t getting as much sleep as she used to. 

Any suggestions, ideas or experiences greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Kay,

    I'm a first time mum to a 14week old. I'm having similar issues, except mine won't sleep in her crib at night as well as having to be held for naps.

    Are you still having issues?

    Have you tried a sling/carrier in the day? Will she sleep in her pram?

    I've started putting my LO in her moses basket awake and happy, to get her familiar with it and feeling safe. Sometimes when I put her down now, before she's too tired but due a nap/showing tired cues (with a soother) she will gradually nod off (usually takes 15-20mins) sometimes she is over excited or cries a little so I have to pick her up to settle her.

    I've found it a lot easier since I realised I could be over stimulating her, so she was struggling to switch off. Sometimes I find giving her time in a non-stimulating place like her moses basket and without seeing me it helps her wind down before settling her for a nap.

  • Thanks for your reply. We actually aren’t having issues anymore - preservance seemed to pay off. Some days it’s still tricky to put her down, especially when she has woken after her first sleep cycle - can be difficult to get her to settle Again. In this case we continue with the pick uP, put down. But for the most part she is napping in her cot 👍🏻

    Sorry to hear you were having similar issues,however great to hear that it sounds like youre all sorted too and your LO is self soothing. X 

  • Hey,

    That's really good news. I think that time and perseverance seem to be key with a lot baby related things. It's a shame it's not always the answer that parents want.

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