11 Week old - Struggles to nap! Any tips?


im a first time mum with a gorgeous 11 week old. He’s never been much of a sleeper in the day even as a newborn but I’m worried he will never go down unless bounced.

We have a bit of a routine of feed then play. After around 2hrs he tends to start yawning and rubs his eyes so I start to bounce and sway with him. It can take between 10 to 30 mins to get him down. No other way seems to work. He will then only sleep on me, although we are working on this separately. 

He gets really overtired if we haven’t been able to bounce him for long enough.

Does anyone have any tips to get baby to nap without having to bounce them? My arms are loving the workout but worried about the long term affect. I don’t want to still be bouncing a one year old.

thank you!


  • With everyone of my children I have always swaddled with every sleep right up until 4/5 mths old, before nap times during the day I do a feed, wind change bum and swaddle and I’ve had no problems at all. Night time sleeps are the same as day time but I bath them and then give a fully body moisturise before there milk. If he does still cry pat him slightly. He should start to understand swaddle time is sleepy time. 😊

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