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3 month old won’t sleep on his own

My 3 month little boy will not sleep on his own always needs to be held when sleeping. He would originally sleep in the Moses basket fine on the first few weeks but the last couple of months he will not stay asleep when put down anywhere even in the pram we have decided to try the cot but again same thing we even hold him for ages wait for him to be in a deep sleep slowly put him down and within 10 minutes he’s wide awake crying again and then we have a fight to get him back to sleep he sleeps better next to me in bed but my other half has to sleep separately and I don’t want to start any bad habits but it’s the only way we all get some sleep I have to spend most of the day holding him we have tried everything swaddling, bouncer, swing, pushchair and car he will happily be in them when he’s awake he will also happily lie on the floor when he’s awake but as soon as he wants to go to sleep he wants to be held and then won’t allow us to put him down. We are struggling to go out anywhere as when he gets tired in the car or the pushchair he just screams. Has anyone got any advice about what this is as before he was quite happy to be in the pram and car and would sleep in his Moses basket/ cot but it’s been months now and it’s not getting any better?


  • Aimee931 sounds very similar to my youngest daughter in the end I found taking her upstairs to bed and putting a fan on she initially settled with me lay next to her cot stroking her, then to resting my hand on her tummy whilst she fell asleep, then sitting in the room not looking at her until in the end I could put her down and walk away and she would settle on her own. Think some of it was the white noise helped (still need to break this habit now 🙄) and some of it was it wasn't at all stimulating her but I was there with her to start with the only downside I would add is we then found she would ONLY sleep in her cot which was hard to get out when she slept 2/3 times a day but that said she was much harder herself when she wasn't sleeping and all in all didn't last to long. Might be worth a go, we to tried loads of things as never had this problem with my other 2 (would sleep anywhere) and a friend of  mine had the same thing with her lo so guess it's not that uncommon x
  • Thank you, I have tried this as well he just screams until you pick him up he obviously just likes the cuddles I’m hoping in time he will just start not wanting to be held as much x
  • Hi Amiee931 sounds like your little one is getting over tired and fighting his sleep. I have to rock my daughter to sleep its the only way she will fall asleep. She has a nap every 2 and a half to 3 hours during the day. Have you tried a close to me cot it attaches to bed so baby thinks they are in bed with you but they have their own safe place x
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