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Baby won’t stay asleep when put down

My nearly 4 month old won’t let me put him down to sleep day and night, the last few weeks he’s been fighting his sleep constantly but last couple of days he’s fell to sleep easier but only in my arms we have changed his milk 2 days ago as he was being very sick and not sure whether that was making him very fussy and wanting to be held all the time the milk has helped with his sickness and he’s not fighting sleep as much but he doesn’t seem to fall into a deep sleep ever no matter how long I hold him so as soon as I put him down he instantly wakes up the only reason why he stops asleep in my arms is cause when he gets fidgety I settle him back down I have tried everything pram, car bouncer swing cot nothing works he just doesn’t seem to fall deep enough into sleep when he was couple months old he would fall asleep in my arms and then could put him down or if we was out he would sleep in car or pram he’s now having to share bed with me as it’s the only way we get some sleep but I’m still finding that I’m constantly settling him down, I have tried putting him down before he’s asleep but he will not self sooth at all does anyone know what this is could it just be a phase as it’s been weeks now? 


  • Have you tried swaddling at all )
  • Aimee931Aimee931 Regular
    edited Apr 15, 2019 2:03PM
    Yeah I have tried all of that originally he would go down once asleep and seemed to be in deep sleep but it’s been last month he’s been like this 
  • Hi @Aimee931 its so hard to guess what is up with babies so young. At 4 months old they hit a terrible sleep regression and feels almost like you have a conpletely different child. This is due to a huge growth spurt and developmental change so during this time they struggle to fall into "the deep" sleep if you like and its nothing you have done or changed. The best thing i have found (i have 4 children and a baby) is stick to the routine you have each day, maybe plan to take baby out in the pram for a walk in the day aswell. Some nice bath bubbles with lavender and maybe a baby massage after the bath. Sleep regression is hard on the parents as it almost feels like the new born stage again. Also try putting a pillow case or small thin blanket on you for a while then tuck it in so baby will lay on it to sleep so baby can smell you. I promise you its just a phase so try to stay calm and not change too much and hopefuly soon everything will fall back into place again. Take care of yourself aswell xx
  • He could also be teething, try a little calpol and maybe some teething gel or granules. I’m pregnant with baby number 11 and all mine have been great sleepers, but I do stick to the same routine every single night, bath, massage, milk, extra winding and then swaddle. Try a little calpol as it could be his teeth
  • Hi @Nikkinarno, how is your 11th pregnancy? Ive just had baby number 5 and never really come across anyone with 4 or more x
  • Yes this is baby number 11 for me,there is also another lady on here pregnant with baby number 11 too
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