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5 months old still waking 4/5 times a night

Hi Mummas!
My lil babber’s now 5 months, as of today. She naps well during the day and goes to sleep at 6:30pm like a dream, happily dozing off in her own time. But. She still wakes up for feeds every 2-3 hours throughout the night..... the first stint of sleep is usually 4/5 hrs before waking for her first night feed at say 11pm. But then it’s 1am, 3am, 5am, awake at 6:30am and back to sleep for morning nap 8am-9am. (This is all approximate).
Sometimes I can pop a dummy in and she will go back to sleep and sometimes it’s teething or tummy pains troubling her (And Damn that 4 month regression). Sometimes her feeds are 20 minutes and other times they’re 10. Is she just a milk monster? Other mum friends say theirs only wake once or twice to feed! 
Thank you!


  • Hmmm, i think she's snacking milk as comfort to get back to sleep. 2 feeds per night should really be enough, and sounds like she's not going back in to a deep sleep - unless it is a growth spurt. you'll likely be weaning soon too, so this might change things. In all honesty, i think i would try and be stricter and only offer milk at 11pm, and maybe once more during the night. You must be so bloody tried. 
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