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Baby won't sleep unless physically close to someone - PLEASE HELP

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Ok mommy's I am a first time mom to my rainbow baby boy. He is going to be 5 months old next week and still can't sleep unless physically on someone. We've tried co- sleepers, swaddling, mama roo, swings, things that vibrate, blocks under the crib, nuks, sound machines. 
Since birth we've been told he's colic and sensitive (about 70% of days were crying or fussing) for the first 3 months. They put him on zantac and it hasn't seemed to help much. Once he starts fussing if you don't tend to him right away the crying goes into a ballistic hysterical cry within seconds that only can be calmed with nursing. He is starting a home daycare next week and today we did a trial drop off for just an hour and this woman with 20 years experience looked puzzled and defeated when I showed up. He had been hysterical for her for the last 40 min and she said she tried everything and he wasn't having it. Now I'm just a mess with a pit in my stomach, emotional all day. I can just feel that she probably regrets taking him. ANY advice or Someone who can relate???? I don't have any social media(I like hard to believe nowadays) so this is my only hope. 


  • I wonder has your baby become so used to your attention when he cries, it is now a habbit?
    I registered with this site to look for problem areas as I write books on parenting. I'm a mother of 3 plus 2 foster children making 5 children under 5, a former teacher and now a grandmother I looked after one of my granddaughters for her first years, and she suffered from digestive problems with projectile vomiting . We had to sit her up for half an hour after feeds also much wind.  So she did cry sometimes and needed checking.

    What happens if you leave your baby to cry till he falls asleep, once you have checked all possible problems?  He sounds perhaps a nervous baby, and if you are stressed this transferes to him.  What about soft music playing by his cot?  Or toys dangling above the cot to watch so that he can lay happily talking to it?  If he won't lay happily on his own I think it has become a habbit but it will be tough if you try leaving him to cry to sleep for a few days, you will need a friend to support you.

    I imagine you are at your witts end at times - send me a message if it helps! :)Anne
  • Thank you so much for reading my post, and taking the time to respond with tips and ideas. We will try more white noises, and possibly look for a mobile. 
  • I have my fingers crossed for you!
    Best wishes
  • Hi Rainbowmama3 Are you having more success?
  • Try instagrams ‘just_chill_mama’ amazing for baby/child sleep. Lots of free help & info on her page & youtube xx
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