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Tips on getting my 5 month old to sleep in cot all night

My baby boy has been co-sleeping with me in bed for last couple months as it was the only way we was able to get any sleep at all, I now think it’s time for him to be settled in the cot so we set up the cot but he was just really unsettled, we have purchased a next to the bed cot as I think he’s now so used to being close to me, it was first night last night and he lasted couple of hours and then woke crying so he had a bottle and we settled him back down and then put him back in cot he stopped asleep in there for a little bit but was very restless I had to keep shushing him back down and then eventually he ended up back in bed about half 4 for a couple of hours just so we could get some sleep obviously I didn’t get much sleep last night I don’t mind this if in the end we’re both going to end up with a full good nights sleep. For his day time naps he will not sleep anywhere other than in your arms I wanted to tackle this as well but didn’t want to do it all at once want him to get used to cot and sleep at night and then hopefully he will start sleeping in there for day time naps has anyone got any tips to get him to sleep in there all night or do I need to just persevere with it?  


  • I started with getting used to the cot - playing in and around it etc... and then starting with naps and building up from there. I hope that helps ! often I end up co-sleepting from 4am though ! 
  • Start with a bath and then pop your baby into her pyjamas. A consistent bedtime routine will gradually let your baby know that it's time to go to sleep. Finish the bedtime ritual in the room where your baby sleeps.
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