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milk intake

hi all, hope your well, 

first time mum, & first time posting, just wondering if anyone can offer any advice / experience 

my little girl is 9.5 Months, she was diagnosed with a milk allergy 6 months ago, and was switched to prescription milk. She suffers with bad reflux and on meds for that, 

Within a week she was a much happier baby and all the symptoms she suffered with went. ( happy baby, happy mummy)

due to her been diagnosed late with her allergy (and having to re introduce her old milk to test her again to confirm it) her weaning fell slightly behind, as was told from the dietician to leave weaning until she had settled back on her new milk, so I did, 

last couple of months her food take has really picked up, she has breakfast, dinner, tea, and porridge before bed, all means with water 

however she’s still having upto 20 oz of milk, 10oz are night feeds and the rest throughout the day 

Because of her reflux she can’t mange more than 5-6oz feeds especially cause the prescription formula is very watery, so she’s always fed “smaller but more often” and that works for us 

The dietican has expressed her concerns today to me that she’s having far too much milk and should be eating more, and not having feeds throughout the night. The reasons she’s waking throughout the night is behavioural and it’s something I need to discuss with my hv. The dietican has decided to contact the hv who’s ringing me tomorrow to discuss milk intake / waking in the night 

ive tried many of times to cut feeds out / down offering water etc but my little one cries and cries, until she has a bottle of milk. 

She jumped up a centile when her weaning improved, and has carried on following so she’s not over weight for her age etc 

every guide line I’ve looked at has shown approx 20-24 oz for her age, and feeding plans etc the same

so I don’t understand what the problem

how much does your baby’s drink? Is my little one drinking too much ?

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