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9 month old, waking up at 5.45am

Good evening. 
Pls can you help a 1st time mom. 
My 9 month old has always woke at 05.45, happy and ready for his day 😭. Even when he was in the room with me and still in his own room. We live in a quiet area so no noise is happening at that time. 

His routine of naps during day - 
Sleeps at 9 for about 45mins and another sleep at 1pm for 1 hour.
I feel like I have tried everything to increase his day naps as he always wakes up unhappy, if I leave him he just constantly cries.
He is a good eater. He has three bottles a day (only 6oz of formula on each feed) and we do lots during the day ranging from playing with family, the dogs, walks in the pram and baby classes. 
I absolutely dread from 4pm till bedtime as he is just miserable
 We have a lovely night time routine. Quiet time, bath/massage and has a bottle. He is always ready for bed at 1830-1845. Again, tried later but he is too tired. 
He has 7 teeth and even though he is still teething he has the gels, medication etc. 

I just feel that 545 is too early as he wakes happy but then after about an hour he is just miserable. 

I have tried giving him a bottle to see if that soothes him, have tried just giving him water but nothing helps. 
Can anyone pls help me? 
As I am writing this, it does sound like I'm over stimulating him during the day but he is such an active baby. Won't sit down for me to read a book with him for example. He just wants to be entertained constantly. 
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