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Awake Time Vs 'Night Time'

Hi all,

I just wanted to get peoples views on this. 

So we have an 11 month old and during the day between naps I'd say she's awake for around 3 -3.5 hours in between the 2 naps, which I think is average for 11 months. 

I just wondered what peoples views were for the evening / bed time. As in if she had an early nap or woke up early from it, say woke up at 2:30pm, do you think it's best to stick to the 3.5 hour awake time and try to get her down for 6pm - even if her usual bedtime is say 7pm? 

What have people found to be the winner - sticking with the 'awake time' or sticking with 'usual routine bedtime', even if that might mean the awake time eeks out to 4.5 hours+

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks :) 
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