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I’m just looking for some advice on routines. Bit of background:
My little girl is 7 months old. It has always taken about an hour to get her to drink her milk and she is fussing the entire time even when I know she’s hungry. This means her feed times get so close to her nap times and I really try not to feed her to sleep. 
I try to keep her awake times to her age range and watch signs for when she’s tired/overtired etc, but she never gets more than half hour to an hour of sleep at nap times and then she’s grumpy. 
With trying to wean her, plus milk plus naps I’m at my wits end and i just don’t seem to have enough time to get it all done?!
Should I just give her a bottle and if she drinks 2 oz just leave it and let her feed more often? Should her naps be getting longer, I’ve even tried the sleep programs but because her feeding is all over the place they never seem to work. 
Current routine:
7am Wake
7.30 Breakkie
8.30 Feed 
9.30 Nap 30 mins
11.30 Lunch 
12 Milk
12.30-1 Nap for 30 mins to 1/1.25
Dinner at 4
Milk 4.30 
Bedtime feed 6.30 
Bed at 7
Any advice is welcome! Thank you! 


  • Hi! 
    You are saying that she takes 1h to drink her milk, is she bottle fed?

    I had the same problem with my baby he used to take around the same time but then I changed bottles from Dr brown to Mam and it helped him.
    What size teats are you using?

    It so hard to get them on a routine, I struggled a lot trying to get baby to have one and it doesn't help that they are always changing their needs

    I was never able to set a sleeping program, I tried that a lot of things but what worked was to rock him a bit and then put him in his cot ,when he was almost a sleep, it worked for him and me for a few months (he is 9 now and I'm struggling again)

    Regarding your routine, try to see what your baby needs that's how I was able to set one, when my baby was 7 months I gave him milk right after he was wake, then breakfast 1:30 after, lunch and 1h after that milk and sleep ( I never cared much if he sleeps after the milk)
    Milk again in the afternoon then dinner at 4:30 and 6:30 bath and last bottle at 7p.m ( he always had night milk feeds also)
    I think that they need to drink between 500 600ml in a 24h period during that age it's just a matter of adjusting it to her needs.

    I hope my experience can help you somehow.
  • Hi, from what I can tell from your routine you are feeding solids first then giving milk? If so, and as she’s only 7 months I would switch it up and give milk first then about 45 mins to an hour later give solids. Milk is quicker to digest than food so it sounds as if she doesnt have the room for milk.

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