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16 Month Sleep 'Training'


Looking for some advice, comfort or just someone to listen.

My little one wake at 5am every morning and has long night wakes 2/3 times a week (between 2-3 hours).

After trying to manage this it got to much so we caved and got a sleep consultant.

After some discussion we got started with controlled crying. For night wakes and getting him down at night it works (or is working) but for the 5am he has none of it and wants to get up.

But, my biggest concern is he's now scared of going to bed .... He's not scared for anything and is fearlessly independent.

I what my little man back! I'm worried he's now broken. Does anyone have any experience or have seen anything similar?


  • Hey! I found that with my little one, we had to do it in stages..

    I tried to just put him down and leave and let him cry but i found that most of the time he would vomit but how much he was crying. So i did this method:

    1- go in room, settle baby, put baby down and sit next to him for 5 mins and try leave. Repeat if needed

    2- do same  butt time sit at the door so baby sees you

    3- put baby down and leave

    By stage 2 he didn't look for me anymore... It took me about 10 days to complete everything which i found was great! 

    Now all i do is put him in his cot, let him drink a little and then leave. He might not fall asleep straight away, but he never cries...just sits there until he falls asleep! I also found that this helps him sleep better at night and in the morning... Now he sleeps from about 8:30pm-7ish am... 
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