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Baby tried to roll over constantly when put down for sleep

So my daughter is 7 months and I've found that since she learnt to roll over I can't seem to put her down for a nap without having to be with her to stop her rolling onto her front.
I know she can now sleep on her front but the issue is that if she does she won't sleep/nap. She will be up on all fours sliding away (as she can't crawl yet, she slides) or she'll pull herself up to standing which obviously doesn't help. 
If I stop her rolling she's usually not too bad At falling asleep. Has anyone else had this issue? I've googled it but it only comes up with a baby being okay to sleep on their front if they can roll over.
I do have white noise on to help her settle as she can't sleep with it on.
The other issue is if she wakes she doesn't self soothe as over she goes and she's up.


  • Hi. I'm the same with my wee boy. He's 11 month soon and he lies on his side etc. What do you do when she doesn't self soooth?
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