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6 month old baby up at 5am

edited Jan 14, 2021 8:35AM in Sleep

My LO is 6 months old, this week I’ve tried really hard and managed to solve self soothing (previously he HAD to be held to get back to sleep at 4/5am and every other nap he took) and also I now ignore him in the night and he goes back to sleep after a few persistent dragon noises and me no longer feeding him...

This week has been full of wins and I’m a long way from where I was this time last week

HOWEVER he starts whinging from 5.15am and I listen to him until about 5.45 and I give him a feed in his bed and he’s up ready to party.... 

he is FAST ASLEEP by 7pm in the evenings, he couldn’t stay up even if you wanted him to ... to be getting him to sleep from 7pm to 5.45am is amazing I know but I really just want it to be 6am onwards for everyone’s sanity. 

Any advice please ?? 

Thank you 🙏🏻 
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