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14 month old...not sleeping

Hi first time posting ever
Wonder if anyone has any tips on getting a 14 month old to sleep through...or longer than 1/2hours at a time of a night time 
She is breast fed and is waking sometimes every hour for this or sleeping for two hours.  
We just dont know what to try anymore. I simply cant keep functioning on only sleeping two hours a time any longer . Its been well over a year now  Its taken its toll. 
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you 


  • Hi, do u express ? It could be that perhaps your baby loves the mummy time and has got so used to it that your baby wakes up and realises they arnt on you and immediately want that with you. If you express you could give the bottle to him/her and see if they can hold their own bottle and let them have it in their crib. So there is that bit of distance and their not falling back to sleep on you. Even though you would be awake still to them know youre there it may jist be abot of sleep training your baby needs. Its also the perfect age range for a slight sleep regression aswel because their brains are becoming alot more active now. Hope you manage to get some sleep soon. X
  • Sorry just noticed in you post you have a girl I didnt spot that before hence the him/her lol sorry xx
  • Can she not have cows milk? Blue milk x
  • Hi thanks for responding to my ple . She doesnt take bottles,just simply refuses to put them in her mouth or drink from them . She was always this way .
    Yea i was thinking it might be a sleep regression as shes walking properly now ans trying to talk. Think she just misses attention at night 5times 
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