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Please help! 6 month bad bedtime!

Hi! We as a family have a ridiculously late bedtime. I'm a night owl and so is my husband and I really hate mornings. I just need my baby to be asleep around midnight, she's 6 months old and sleeps around 2 am or so. She's not a bad sleeper thank god! Once she's down at 2 3 am I wake up once around 830 to 9 30 for a bottle and then she's down again till about 1 30 or so. Any tips on getting her to sleep around midnight? She used to do this but her bedtime just kept getting pushed further and further and I was at a point where she was sleeping longer stretches so I didn't want to mess with that. But being up till 3 am everyday is beginning to wind me down. What should I do? Wake her up a bit earlier each day so she goes down sooner? I can't be putting her to bed at 7 pm and be up at 7 am as that does not work for us as a family. So midnight is my goal. She naps fairly okay during the day most days. Please help! Thank you! 


  • Hi, sounds tough. Why don't you try adjusting bedtime little by little? Perhaps trying getting little one in bed an early earlier every 2- 3 nights and in a week or so, they'll be going to bed at midnight.... that way it wont be such a drastic change. Let us know how you get on/got on. We used to really struggle with bedtime and routines etc until we heard about sleep training. There's a really cool blog on this stuff, it might help you;
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