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Roll on dark nights

Good morning Ladies, and Sean!!  image

4am get up today!!!! I so can't wait for winter when its dark and Bronwyn will hopefully sleep longer!!! Of course by then I will look like a beached whale, won't be able to sleep and will then have to start the routine of night time feeds..........

I just can't win!!!!  image


  • oh no Caroline! Does she have blackouts I can't remember? Luka actually slept til past 6.30 a major lie in!!! Sorry you don't want to hear that. Hope you have a good day though xx
  • Oh no Caroline! Cameron was really difficult to settle last night so he actually had a bit of a lie in this morning (sorry image).

    Hope you manage to have a good day, and i guess it'll be another early night for you tonight!!

  • Oh no Caroline, i bet she was full of beans too when she woke. Hollie was up at 5 am this morning but Ian got her and i fed her and she went back to sleep until 8am. So for once i didnt have to get up to get her.

    I hope she sleeps well for you tonight. image

  • Have only just seen this post Caroline!

    That was a very early start for you the other morning, how has she been the last two mornings, i hope she has slept in a bit longer for you xx

  • We have a baa baa blind in the window, so yes her room is nice and dark!!!

    Just done another post Simone!!! image

  • Have replied Carolineimageimage
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